Old Pueblo Coin is an NGC and a PCGS authorized dealer. We can review coins for you and let you know if it makes sense to get them certified.

Old Pueblo Coin is also a PMG authorized dealer and can submit to PCGS Banknote as well. We can review your currency / paper money and let you know if it makes sense to get them certified.

What is coin and paper Grading ?

Coin and Paper Grading (also called “certifying” or “slabbing”), is a process of sending your collectible coins or paper money to a Third Party Grading service (TPG) for their opinion of the condition of the coin or paper money. The collectible item is put into a sealed holder with proper identification and an opinion of the condition.

Why get your coins or paper money graded?

There are several reasons to get your coins or currency certified. For very rare coins they can be easier to sell if they are certified by PCGS or NGC as authentic. Most buyers of expensive coins prefer the coins they purchase to be certified.

How Much Does it Cost?

The cost of certifying coins will vary depending on the value of the coins (which dictates the level of service). Most coins will cost between $25 - $40 per coin plus shipping and handling.

What is the process ?

Bring your coins or currency for certification to Old Pueblo Coin. We will look at each coin and advise you on your options and let you know if slabbing your coins is the best option for you. If you decide to get the coins certified we will give you a receipt for the coins with the information on which coins and what service you are receiving. The coins will be insured appropriately at all times including in our vaults. Overall turn around time will vary, but as of this writing (Feb 2022) you can expect your coins to be gone for at least two months.

Why bring your coins or paper money to Old Pueblo Coin before you get them certified?

Getting coins certified is not a small process. It takes time and consideration. At Old Pueblo Coin we will guide you through the process to help you understand your options. We can save you money by offering an independent eye to evaluate your coins. This can help you to avoid sending in a coin that has any problems (cleaning, altered surfaces, etc).